After your order you will receive an order confirmation. We ‘ll calculate the shippingcost and send you (within a few days) an invoice including shipping and package costs.
An indication of the shippingcost:
- Package: (max 31,5 kg –max outline 300cm, max length 175 cm)
Germany: 9 euro
France: 15-18 euro
Danmark: 17 euro
England:  18 euro
Ireland: 26 euro
Sweden: 24 euro
Spain: 26,00 euro
100x50x50cm < 2 kg: 35 euro
100x50x50cm 2-5 kg: 45 euro
100x50x50cm 5-10kg: 70 euro
Payment options
You can pay with paypal or bank transfer.
Delivery Time
After we’ve  received your payment, your order ‘ll be send on Tuesday and delivered within 2-8 days.
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