Geert and Marleen Ehrismann are brother and sister. We are the driving force behind this webshop and website.

For over 30 years Geert is a big fan of the vintage car Renault 16. Together with friends he restored many cars. He searched for parts all over Europe. He now has a large stock of unique and new Renault 16 parts. He has all the necessary know-how and knows the Renault 16 like no other.

Marleen has inherited the passion for the Renault 16 from her brother. Her communication and marketing background is a good addition to the knowledge of her brother. Marleen is responsible for the sale of the parts and the marketing surrounding it.

All together a pretty strong combination!

In cooperation with Gerrit Vogel we have a new webshop for Renault 12 parts:
Adress:Varenstraat 56 Postal code:6542 LK. City:Nijmegen. Country: Netherlands. Email: